First post

Hello ladies.

After all this time of thinking and hesitating I finally got the courage and decided to start a blog. And today I’m writing my very first post. The reasons why I decided so is that I want to share my style and ideas. I like to write,read and talk. Considering myself as a highly introverted person, when in company of people I know and when writing, I get real close to ‘thinking out loud’ extroverts. So this is a perfect place for me to express all my thoughts and other material that inspire me.

I will start by telling a little bit more about myself and things I like.

First, I have a one year old son named ELMAS. The origin of his name is Arabic, and it’s meaning is “diamond“. The most common version of the name is Almas, but we decided for the initial E , we liked it better. I have to start with my baby first, because, well, every mother knows. LOL. My life after a baby has completely changed. In a good way, I must say, but also I had to postpone a lot of my goals and activities and now that I’m kinda settled in this mom life, I’m getting back on my old tracks.


One of the things I love about parenting is that I get to dress this little guy up. So, a lot of my posts will be dedicated to his outfits. Our everyday life is a lot funnier with this lil fella. Most of the days, in our free time, we’re strolling around our city, Ljubljana. Taking walks, browsing through shops and having a lunch or coffee and just “relaxing”. As much as one can relax with a one year old around.


What really drives me, what I’m passionate about is fashion. There’s something addictive to it. I like fashion. You can express yourself through it, you can change your mood with a good outfit or only a part of it. For example, sometimes when I wear a nice lingerie I feel more confident and feminine about myself, even though nobody even sees my underwear. Also when in heals, the whole world changes. I suddenly feel more sophisticated, stylish, feminine… So, that’s why I like it so much. It adds diversity to your life. I would describe my style with casual – classy -sporty, or simply street styleIMG_3044.jpg

I’m currently a “stay at home mom”. I decided to take some time for myself, to finish my exams and to focus on my true wishes and potentials. It’s better this way, than to be in a job, that makes you unhappy. From personal experience, I know that can be draining a lot. So I’m focusing on self growth and things I really love and care about. One of them is also make-up. Just like clothes,shoes and accessories in fashion so does make-up in beauty world means a lot. With just a little bit of it, you feel more confident, pretty, fresh, feminine, stylish and emphasise your natural beauty. So many ways of expressing yourself and being creative.IMG_3456.jpg


For now, I tried to shortly describe myself a bit more. I hope you get a sense of a person I am and I can’t wait to share more! My next post will be a beauty one, I’m already working on it.

Have a nice day and a successful beginning of 2017, xo


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