Baby outfit – denim & layers

Hello ladies.

It’s been almost a month now since my last and first post. So finally I’ve managed to get some time today to do a little photo session with my little one. It is a perfect day for some creativity, I just felt the “spark” and here are the results. Of course, I can’t take all the credit lol, little one did some fine “modelling”, too.


shirt / ZARA, sweater / ZARA, jeans / ZARA , shoes / H&M , backpack / BABADU 

He’s wearing a denim Zara shirt, layered with this cute grey sweater with ears attached at front, also from Zara. Comfy and cute Zara jeans and H&M slip on sneakers,which I absolutely adore. So easy to put them one and so many ways to style them. I was actually deciding between these navy-white sneakers and another pair (you will see them in one of the photos) , but at the end I chose these ones. I also added a little backpack. I think it looks really stylish and cool. ootd11ootd12ootd13

Super cute little outfit. It’s cute, stylish, adventurous, playful and above all comfy. We must always think for our kids to be comfortable wearing clothes we choose for them, otherwise they might get real cranky and stuff. And we don’t wanna see that, don’t we? I must mention these cute little hangers, also. They are from A little lovely company and I ordered them here.


I hope you enjoyed this post, gallery and my writing. Please feel free to comment, it’s always nice to get some feedback from “fellow” bloggers! I wish you all a nice and loooong weekend & don’t forget it’s the little things that count! xoxo, Jasmina


2 thoughts on “Baby outfit – denim & layers

  1. I can totally relate to a months gap of blog posting 🙈 it isn’t easy for us mommys to make some time out of the busy daily schedule!! Loved reading the post and lovely pictures 🙌🏻♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right? Busy day, everyday 😅 Plus this crazy winter time with all the sicknesses for the little ones.. we were for 4 weeks in a row in a kinder daycare and thats our record 😂 thank you 😊🙈🙈❤️


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