Baby ootd – RED checkered & YELLOW parka

Hello ladies.

For the past two weeks I’ve been staying home with my baby. Elmas has been sick, so no daycare for us. Instead we’ve been spending our days mostly at home, killing our time with playing and fooling around, watching cartoons, listening to music, sleeping… By far his most favourite toy is mommy! Haha! Why play with all the toys, when you have a live and real big one, with all the special effects and the ability to carry you around as you please? As we have lots of time, we’ve been dressing up and doing little photoshoots. So here’s another baby ootd for you guys.

I hope you’re doing fine and most importantly without sicknesses. May this winter be short and spring come quick!


Yellow parka / Zara , Red checkered shirt / H&M , Black sweatpants / H&M , Sneakers / Adidas

He’s wearing this bright yellow parka from Zara. It’s padded so it’s suitable for colder days also. A red checkered oversized shirt and black swaeatpants, both from H&M. And my favourite sneakers of his, these black and gold stripes by Adidas. They’re the most comfortable shoes ever. Maybe some of you are wondering, how do I know that? I ain’t even wearing them, he is. Well… I just know, I can tell by the material and the way they fit him. Such a cute and trendy little outfit. He rocked it at doctors appointment. Lol. You can tell by this photos, he’s sick and grumpy. My poor baby ❤ .




In my next baby related post I’ll be posting something a little bit different. I’ll be doing a baby room decor & baby gift ideas guide. There’s a little hint/sneak peak for you guys in the photos bellow.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Fell free to comment & you can also follow us on Instagram .    Have a nice weekend! xo, Jasmina




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