Face care – Winter time

  • NUXE – Reve de miel Nourishing Day Cream, Reve de miel Face Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel, Reve de miel – Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm, Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse                                            
  • REMINGTON – Reveal Facial Cleansing brush


Hey everyone!

After more than one month of testing, using these products, I think it’s finally time to write my review about them. First impressions, effects, results… overall evaluation. Since all of them are new to me, I’m using them for the first time, I decided to take some more time to really get to “know” them.



Remington – Reveal Facial Cleansing brush & Nuxe – reve de miel Face Cleansing Gel                            

These two are my absolute winners. Favourite of them all. I wanted a facial brush for so long, mainly because of make-up removing and deeply cleansing purpose. I always felt that my skin wasn’t completely clean, after removing make-up. And it’s a fact that using these kind of brushes improves your skins condition, it removes impurities and deeply cleanse your pores. In combination with a good face cleansing product it’s a win-win!             I use this brush with my Nuxe face cleansing & make-up removing gel. It’s a perfect combination, I’m in heaven. I love this gel, it smells divine. Such a rich texture, honey infused, luxurious… it leaves your skin perfectly clean, make-up free, soothed, glowing and above all, it leaves you with a scent that makes you wanna eat it. Lol. Such a delight! It really fulfils the expectations. I would recommend these two products to everyone and I will be definitely buying them again.

Overall: The brush promises to give you a naturally glowing and beautifully clear skin. It removes impurities and improves the absorption of face care products. It comes with 3 detachable “heads” including;  normal, sensitive & massage brush head.                                   Overall: The gel promises to remove your make-up and cleanse your skin. Use it in the morning or/and evening, apply to damp skin with circular motions and rinse off.



Nuxe – reve de miel Nourishing Day Cream

Infused with skin comforting ingredients this day, ultra nourishing cream is perfect for winter time. As it really nourishes and comforts dry and super sensitive skin. It promise to reduce redness, soothe and comfort dry and tight skin. I really like this cream, as it’s really rich and does all the magic, as told. It’s just that, turns out my skin is not so dry and sensitive, after all. Lately my skin has been kinda oily, especially in T-zone. Maybe it’s because of stress, cause of the exams haha. Or it’s just a period of my life where my skin’s more oily and mixed than sensitive and dry. So maybe this product is a little bit too nourishing and rich for me, atm. But, for women with dry spots or sensitive and dry skin in general; and also for women who are very outgoing in these winter days I would recommend this product. It will give you protection from cold and keep your skin nourished and eased from that feeling of tightness/dryness.

Overall: Reduces dryness, redness and tight skin feelings. Rich in texture, honey infused & really super, ultra nourishing.


Nuxe – reve de miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm

My first association when I think of this lip balm is GOLD. I’m really impressed with its texture. So rich & highly concentrated with all the right and natural ingredients. When you look at it it looks like pure gold. So shiny, smelly… And once on your lips, it gets even better. Smooth, nourished and effortlessly soft lips. Voila. Simple as that. Love it and would recommend it to anyone. Will be buying again, for sure.

Overall: Repairs, nourishes, protects dry and damaged lips. The results are soft and smooth lips. Apply it overnight for a more intense treatment. Can also be used for dry cuticles.


Nuxe – Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

I’ve been hearing all this complimenting things about this product and it’s been on my wishlist for some time, not so long I must admit. I had to have it! It’s a product with a story. And one of it’s best qualities is that it’s multi-purpose. You can use it on your face, body and hair. Mix it with your daily cream, apply some before adding foundation, use it on your legs, shoulders, spray a little onto your brush before combing your hair, or as an after-sun care… The options are endless. There are two versions of this product. The regular one and the “shimmery” one. I have the regular one, but would love to try out the shimmery, as well. So far I’ve used it on my neck, decollete and the rest of my body. I also tried it in combination with my daily cream and also a little on my hair; and I loved it. I liked the results and the silky effect it had. The scent is amazing. I think I’m going to use it more in the summer, I believe it will look amazing on tanned skin. I would recommend this product and I will be buying again.

Overall: Made of six precious plants oil. Nourishes, repairs and softens skin & hair. Multi-usage. Non-greasy effect.



The thing I like about these face care products is that they’re natural. Made of mostly natural ingredients and  they are also cruelty free. I also really like their smell, the smell of honey and mystery and freshness… Lovely. Overall, I’m really pleased with all of them, it was a good purchase and investment in my skin. Besides all of this amazing products, we must make sure to drink enough water, eat healthy, get enough sleep and always, always remove our make-up before sleep. I will link some connections for you guys, if you’d like some more info or where to buy… down bellow.

It’s nice to start a new week with a new blog post. Feels like it’s gonna be a good one. Plus it’s Valentines Day tomorrow!! Yaaaay! Lol. No, but seriously I am really excited. I don’t need/want any presents this year. It’s gonna be all about spending some time together, alone, without the kid… Sounds mean, but we really need it. What are your plans for tomorrow? And for this week in general?

Hope you enjoyed reading! Please feel free to comment & you can also follow me on instagram. xo,Jasmina

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4 thoughts on “Face care – Winter time

  1. I am definitely investing in that brush and gel. Make is always hard to scrub out of our face. Even when our skin looks clean, we still have a minor layer left behind. This would definitely work wonders at cleansing 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I loovvveee the post ♥️♥️♥️

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  2. Thank you ❤️ when it comes to photos I really try my best, and since I’m only shooting with my phone I really have to 😂 Amongst many other things, theres a camera on my wishlist, too. 💭 Thanks for reading! ❤️


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