Home Decor – Our Living Room (pt. 1)

Hello loves,

it’s around 15:30 and I’ve just finished taking the last photos of our living room, or better just a part of it. I’m quickly modifying one pic and uploading it on my Instagram, with a promise to blog it later. And off I go to pick up the little one from daycare.

It’s already almost midnight now and finally I got the time to do it. So thanks god for the lovely and oh so quick and practical photo editor phone apps! It doesn’t take much of my time, since I only edit some brightness and contrast and sharp it up a little, so it looks better. Simple as that. More time for writing 🙂

I wanted to share a part of our living room with you. The other parts are still missing some key pieces I imagined, so I’ll share them later when it’s all done.                                   What I like about this room is the brightness. It’s not even a big space, but the contribution of a wide 2 panel window, a nice light wood floor and freshly painted white walls add up to a bright and open space.



These shelves are from Momax, and as soon as I saw them I just knew they’re the key piece for the place. I just love them. So simple, elegant and adds a touch of the famous Scandinavian style. Here is also a simple case of incorporating your kids stuff with yours. The bottom shelves are for our sons stuff, like books and some toys. Upper shelves, which are out of his reach, are for decorations, which he would normally just toss around and destroy. 😀 So it’s a win-win for us.



Next we have this nice, little stool or whatever this thing’s called. I bought it at Tedi. Same case like with the shelves, the moment I saw this lil chair I knew it would be perfect for our home.Surprisingly my spouse haven’t complained about the purpose of it, yet. Lol. But I notice he keeps putting it away of its place all the time… Men.




I’m not really sure about these pots filled with pink stones and white, coconut scented sand. Either I’ll place them here or I’ll use them as brush holders, instead. What do you guys think looks best?



Overall I’m so happy with how our living room is turning out! It wasn’t like this always, we recently renovated and bought some new pieces. The shelves are new, also the green sofa which is one of the smartest purchases we ever made. It’s costum and hand made. It’s really comfortable, nice material, perfect colour… Worth every cent. The dinning area is also new, but I will save it for some other time, because I still have to add some “touches” lol.

I’m glad I finally posted something after a long time. 🙂 I’ve been busy lately and also something great has happened, so I promise to share it soon!

What do you guys think about our little place? How do you like it? I hope you enjoyed reading and I wish you all a nice week ahead. xo, Jasmina


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